Cathy L James - Webmaster
121 W. 2nd Street
Dixon, IL  61021
(815) 288-1485

The members of the Dixon Municipal Band
are in the process of getting ready for the  
upcoming 2019 summer season. The Dixon
Municipal Band has been a staple of Dixon
summers and parades for over 85 years and  
is recognized as one of the best summer
bands in the area. People from surrounding
communities have come for many years to  
enjoy the music along the riverfront and to see
the band in the local parades.

The objective of the Dixon Municipal Band is
to provide a venue that promotes the musical
development of the musicians in the band
(from high school to 99 years of age) and to
provide a positive listening experience for
members of the audience.  The Dixon
Municipal Band is asking for your support by
becoming a band sponsor.  We offer several
levels of sponsorship that are designed to not
only support the band but to provide your
business exposure on different advertising
platforms and exclusive sponsor benefits for
you and your employees.  

The City of Dixon, like many governmental
entities is experiencing financial tightening of
the belt.  One of the tough choices being
made by the City is to no longer fund the Band
as fully as in the past.  Our goal is to become
more self-sufficient in order to provide a fully
programmed summer season without relying
solely on City funding.  Your contribution will
make a difference!

Please consider helping the Dixon Municipal
Band remain an important part of the Dixon
community by becoming a sponsor of the
Band.  Checks may be mailed to the Dixon
Municipal Band, c/o City of Dixon, 121 W 2nd
St., Dixon, IL. 61021. If you need further
information, please call Nancy Burnett, DMB
Fundraising Chair at (815) 285-2511 or Cathy
James, band manager at (815) 499-9426.  

Nancy A. Burnett
2019 Dixon Municipal Band
Fundraising Committee
The Dixon Municipal Band greatly appreciates our
supporters and audience members. We will be
planning fund raising events throughout the year.
Stay tuned to this page for news on all our
planned events.
Cook Out on June 15th, 2019
Oliver's Food Pantry
$986.18 Go Team!
2019 Concert Donations
Drop it in the Drum
at each concert
to date $
July 4th, 2019 6pm-12am
125th Anniversary
of the
Memorial Log Cabin
2pm Aug 11, 2019
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