Cathy L James - Webmaster
Band Members - Summer 2018
Carly Hepner
Ellen Holder
Mardi Huffstutler
April Kutz
Karin Lee
Valerie Miller
Audry Rod
Madison Seggebruch
India Thompson
Mirrin Tompkins
Renata Young

Caroline Costello

Bb Clarinet
Julia Ardis
Don Burnett
Cameron Crone
Jamie Eller
Alex Ely
Amelia Hemmen
Shelly Houzenga
Cathy James
Samantha Scholl
Patrick Sheehan
Reni Whitcombe
Dawn White

Bass Clarinet
Nancy Burnett

Alto Saxophone
Jessica Dempsey
Craig Etchison
Jim Higby
Lauren Marco
Brooke Terranova

Tenor Saxophone
Geoffrey Baker

Baritone Saxophone
Noah Kuehl
Carolyn Aiken
Cameron Crone
Sarah Habben
Chris Hammitt
Anthony Houzenga
Chase Glenn
Jon James
Jonathan Rivera
Tom Whitcombe
Tommy Whitcombe

French Horn
Sarah Curtis
Ruth Johnson
Nicole Oberg

Tom Cartwright
Samantha Dopke
Aaron Kitzmiller
Taylor Lohse
Luke Nelson
Jessica White
Kenney Carter
Dave Johnson

Travis Kemmerer
Avery Kerley

Laura Bush
Matt Eaton
Joel Lemmert
Mitch Mays
Kenston Rider
Jonathan Rivera
Jeremy VanDrew
As you know, I am one not know for sentiment. But after the summer season we had, I feel the need to
express my deep and unending gratitude to everyone. When we first started the season, I was scared,
nervous, apprehensive. I felt confident in taking over for Mark, especially with all the confidence he had in
me. But I constantly doubted myself, my abilities. I hid it the best I could because you needed me to be the
leader. As the summer went on, and I saw the progress of the group, the support of the group and
community, my fears started to abate. Each concert we grew better and stronger, each donation we felt the
made sure we had a great logo. With the help of Don, word about all our concerts got out without a hitch.
With the help of Dave, our relationship with our donors and city council grew. With the help of Cathy, we had
an amazing website to let everyone we are to be taken seriously. I couldn't have done any of that on my own
and I am deeply grateful for their help and support. To all our community members, friends and family coming
to the concerts, we continued to show everyone we are still wanted in the community and we all thank you
immensely for that. Most importantly, to me, I want to thank each and every member who played this summer,
whether you were there all summer or a few concerts. I brought some challenging music and you rose up to
the challenge, I had some really bad clunkers and we got through them. You were able to adapt to the two
moves we had with ease. A director is only as good as the group he directs and I couldn't have asked for a
better group. Each concert improved upon the last and by the end we sounded simply amazing. I've heard
nothing but positive comments about our summer and I give the credit to all of you. Thank you for making my
first summer an extremely enjoyable one. All the fears and apprehension I had are gone, replaced only by
gratefulness and hope. This band will be around for a long time and it is thanks to all of your hard work and
dedication that it will be possible. Thank you again and see everyone in December for our Christmas
concert.   - Mark Dempsey